Benefits of a Generator

Power at any time – and lots of it! – you know in advance how much power you will have available, even if you don’t see the sun for a week. You can recharge your batteries in a few hours while you are at camp – rather than wonder if your solar panels will still be there when you get back to camp that night.

You can take along the luxuries you are used to at home – air-conditioning, electric-blankets, big fridges, microwaves etc.

When you’re not travelling, you can use the generator during blackouts, or to power appliances away from home.

Low cost and weight – currently a petrol generator will need less upfront expenditure and weigh less than any other method of generating several kVA of power.

Battery Charging & Generators

Even the under-$100 generators have so-called “12 volt DC” outputs on them – but never connect any 12 volt appliances to them – the output is only suitable for battery charging. The output can be over 20 volts under light load and the output is very rough DC that could damage many appliances.

These charging outputs only give slow charging for car-size batteries – a 1kVA Generator can only provide one tenth of that power from the Charging output. But the biggest concern is that there is NO charge regulation at all, so if you don’t disconnect the charger when your battery approaches full charge, you could destroy an expensive battery! – Source

The Right Generator for you